Embrace the Darkness

See lyrics below

When I made the soundtrack for this song, I wanted to stress the textures of the bass synth and create a contrast by using greater dynamics. Tina Fisher gave it lyrics, vocals and vocal arrangements, which intertwine and deliver melodic softness and power. Enjoy!


Won’t you break down these walls
Untie these chains you wrap around me
Wrap around my heart

I know you keep it inside
All the pain, the hurt, the anger
Why do you keep me in the dark

Won’t you open your heart
And let me be free
Won’t you show me who you are

Won’t you open heart
I can light your darkness
Embrace the darkness in me
In me……

Can’t you hear me calling
Set me free
Embrace the darkness
Set me free
Don’t be afraid just set me free

Why won’t you break down these walls
(Can’t you hear me calling set me free)
Why do you keep it all inside
(Embrace the darkness set me free)
Why won’t you open up your heart
Why won’t you show me who you are

Set me free…
Can’t you hear me calling…