Intro / I’m the One / Money on my Mind

The XX – Intro / JJ – I’m the one – Money on my mind (Suzanne Alvim cover)

Vocals: Suzanne Alvim
Instruments & Arrangements: Claudio Meluzzi

Watch the original (instrumental) track by The XX:

Inspired by this version (by the Swedish band JJ):


I’ve got money on my mind
Nowhere else though all I got is time
For myself so people call me blind
But all I need is me, woah [original: But all you need is me, woah]

I want it all, I want it all now
You want it too, at least I know how
People call me blind
But all I need is me, woah

I don’t know what you’ve been told
This place, this way you want to go
You hold me sway me (hold me)
I’m not the one who starts shit

I’m the one who
Will make you spend your money, make pretend I’m funny
I’ll make you come, then I’ll go on and leave you honey
Don’t leave me honey