The Coast

Author: Caroline (also voice and guitar)
Arrangements: Claudio Meluzzi

Visit Caroline’s SoundCloud page: @carocaroline10

The original song (voice&guitar): Carocaroline10 – The-coast

When I first listened to this beautiful, delicate song by Caroline I couldn’t stop playing it again and again… I was captivated not only by the composition, but also by her sweet, deep and emotional voice… And then I was very happy when we started working together to produce this version.

Close your eyes and see Caroline singing and playing the guitar together with her band – bass, rhodes piano, drums and some violas – on a rainy night. If you pay attention you might even heard some distant thunders!


Take me to the ocean
Mama let’s get away
It’s Christmas, and I don’t want to stay
In this drive-by town

So let’s get out

Let’s coast through the night
Until the salt-kissed lights
Point the way, to the deep blue

Mesmerize me
Midnight at the sea

Take me to the beach
Watch the sunrise, with the water kissing our feet

Well it hasn’t been just you and me, in a while
Looking back, one day this will make me smile

So let’s take our time
Close our eyes and just coast through the night
Until the salt-kissed moonlight
Points the way to the deepest blue
Mesmerize me

I need you, to stick around