In the Dresses

Mercy Weiss is a talented songwriter/singer from Brooklyn.

Her voice has a perfect tune, charm, soul and a little roughness. She really feels and knows how to transmit the core, deeper message – this is rare and it’s the most important in any music.

To this production I had carefully chosen the best piano chords to suit her melody and added some orchestra sounds in the background, so as to create this somehow sad, yet rhythmic ambiance.

Visit Mercy ‘s page on SoundCloud:

——- lyrics

Young blooded seeking wisdom
I keep complaining
Its negative eight on this night
I’m wearing heels
Ever waiting on the sight of a train
I’m going to my lovers

Why’d I go out tonight
I could be out in the warmth wearing dresses
Why’d I go out tonight
I could be rocking in the bed with my hair up
Why’d I go out tonight

Tired enough call a cab
I keep complaining
She hails from below the equator
Reminds me I am young
That I am gifted with the beauty

I’ll keep complaining
I keep on waiting

These people in their phones
Everyone’s wishing that they were at home
Why’d I go out tonight

She and I we miss the stars remember the milky way
Reminding each other of the fruit
Said why you complaining
Why’d you go out tonight
Why you complaining
Why’d I go out tonight