From above

The pristine waters of Brela, Croatia, are the environment where little fish live their lives. A few hundred meters from the beach where people sunbathe, there is a rocky shore where I stood to admire – from above – the magnificent intertwining of water elements.

The water never stops – every second is a kaleidoscopic world of light and shapes. A tiny fish surfing a transparent wave under the sun, a myriad of fish flocking in a colorful background, the deep blue ocean… Each scene, aesthetically speaking, could be seen as a realistic, a surrealistic or even as an abstract painting. It’s like watching a dream.

These ephemeral images were produced by water and sunlight only – no image manipulation (except basic contrast/color adjustments) has been made.

Regretfully, this simple yet astonishingly beautiful world – of reality and phantasy – has been menaced by sea pollution, mainly through plastic materials. I think those vivid images should serve as an alert: we need to urgently stop the deleterious excesses of our modern life. Otherwise, all this beauty is deemed to disappear.